The Smartest Solutions for the Perfect Gambling Options
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The Smartest Solutions for the Perfect Gambling Options

Then it is up to you to determine if poker is your only source of income or a large inflow of money? Calculate all of your income to get a clear idea of ​​the issue. Indeed, to be taxed on poker winnings, it would be necessary to earn the equivalent of one minimum wage per month. As for the new 75% tranche of François Hollande, for the moment only companies would be affected by this measure so no worries on that side.

A dominoqq  report for the 3rd quarter of 2012 reveals that 62% of cash game bets and 40% in tournaments are generated by only 1% of players . The tax authorities are currently interested in the biggest live players, but in view of the economic situation and the ARJEL report, they should soon turn to online grinders.

Applied to poker players

For now, as we have seen, it is especially live professionals who are in the crosshairs of the Ministry of Finance, such as JulienBrécard in particular. This pro thus emphasizes that exorbitant sums are claimed from him. Amounts which are increased by:

  • 80% for occult activity: no declaration of earnings or accounting
  • 5% per year late
  • 25% for not belonging to a management association

The discomfort also comes from the fact that the tax authorities attach themselves to the last 10 years while poker was considered a pure game of chance and therefore non-taxable.

What solutions?

Do the accounts

What Bercy can blame the players, as we saw above, is certainly their lack of rigor in their bookkeeping. To avoid any embarrassment, take your precautions and be careful to transcribe all your profits and expenses:


  • Buy-in
  • Plane tickets
  • Hotel reservations

Bank statements:

  • Earnings
  • Bankroll

Keeping regular accounts will no doubt allow you to make a difference and show your good faith to the controllers.

The temptation of tax exile

Other players have simply chosen to go into exile to escape this tax burden. United Kingdom, Malta, or Gibraltar, all mark their rejection of the measures of the Ministry of Finance by exile.

The expert however specifies that exile cannot be a miracle solution since Bercy studies the case of winning players of the last 10 years although they now live abroad. This extreme solution is therefore not to be recommended, especially if you get income equivalent to your salary. You can also turn everything into crypto money and pay in zero-rated currency. On the other hand, if you earn big regular profits , adopt an ant behavior and start now to take stock of your  accounts  so as not to be caught off guard when the north wind comes.